NEW Monarch Art for sale!

Here’s my first MONARCH Caterpillar photograph that is for sale. It symbolizes the long, magical journey of the Monarch Butterfly. Here’s Caterpillar #7/2019 on a milkweed plant in my backyard. I observed it for about 8 days and took many, many photographs. I always play with the focus and composition as I like to be surprised when I look thru the view finder. The photograph without any words or type is for sale in my Etsy Shop - Jean Lannen Art. Click Here: MONARCH #7

In an effort to raise attention and help the monarchs to survive, I’m hoping my photographs spark curiosity and encourage people to get involved and plant milkweed. Stay Curious, Be Kind, Look up, Look down, Look over there!

676 cool june 2019 copy seven blog use.jpg