RARE Monarch Chrysalis Photo

This is a RARE look at a Monarch Chrysalis being formed. This is one of many in my collection. I was so excited when I was watching this happen and seeing the breathing holes (spiracles) for the first time! This photo is for sale in my my ETSY Shop, click HERE

9780 POD holes HERO 11x14 Etsy copyright use.jpg

I'm OBSESSED with the Monarch Caterpillars

Omg, I’m obsessed with the Monarch Caterpillars . . . I end up observing them all day, jotting down notes and taking photographs . . . today I dropped some Milkweed flowers into a cage and they went nuts and devoued them all. Also, I found the caterpillar that hatched from the EGG I saw being laid right on an actual Milkweed Flower Bud about 2 weeks ago.

As of today, I have about 12 eggs, 15 cats and one chrysalis ready to eclose in about 3 days. So far this year, I’ve release 9 butterflies and released about 15 least year, and I only started last year in August. :) I tend to get emotionally attached to the cats . . .and then curiosity takes over . . . Here’s 2 cats that hatched together on a Milkweed Plant that I had planted in a container. They are playful and follow each other around and have little spat fights. - MY FIRST MONARCH fine art photographic print is available in my ETSY SHOP here: MONARCH #7 More Art coming SOON!

5762 Monarch Cats 10-22 on MW iphone sentnancy.jpg

NEW Monarch Art for sale!

Here’s my first MONARCH Caterpillar photograph that is for sale. It symbolizes the long, magical journey of the Monarch Butterfly. Here’s Caterpillar #7/2019 on a milkweed plant in my backyard. I observed it for about 8 days and took many, many photographs. I always play with the focus and composition as I like to be surprised when I look thru the view finder. The photograph without any words or type is for sale in my Etsy Shop - Jean Lannen Art. Click Here: MONARCH #7

In an effort to raise attention and help the monarchs to survive, I’m hoping my photographs spark curiosity and encourage people to get involved and plant milkweed. Stay Curious, Be Kind, Look up, Look down, Look over there!

676 cool june 2019 copy seven blog use.jpg

2019 Monarchs, oh my!

On May 27th, 2019 - I watched the first 2019 female Monarch fly around my gardens and lay eggs on my various milkweed plants. I was thrilled, as I only started to observe them and raise the caterpillars last year in July. So, about 32 days after I saw the eggs being laid, I released a male, #1.

I’ve been documenting and taking photographs over this process and now, I’m slowly releasing the photo’s and information. Photo’s will be available for sale soon!

Pod #1 small copyright.jpg
Monarch 1 hatch small copyright.jpg
Monarch 1 butterfly small copyright.jpg

Love these wrapped trees

I drive by these wrapped trees all the time and finally stopped and had a mini photo session. It’s just so Tim Burton.

6349 wrapped trees 4 inch blog.jpg

Gardens that catch my eye

That white picket fence I keep passing on my long walk . . .

That white picket fence I keep passing on my long walk . . .

The magical allium and fern garden close to my house . . .

The magical allium and fern garden close to my house . . .

3 Altered Photographs in Detroit Group Exhibition

Three of my Mixed Media / Altered Photographs on canvas are featured in a group exhibition - ALL TOGETHER NOW - A Celebration of Art, Film and Music, at the Annex Gallery, 333 Midland, Highland Park, Michigan. There was a fun opening reception and a two day weekend of live music, short films, fine art and food. Info at: www.FadFestDetroit.com . Show is up thru MAY 5th, 2019

1b-The Fixer Detail for web pr .jpg
2b-Detail Polaroid Moment for web pr.jpg
3-Split Personaity for web pr.jpg

Some Kind Words from Clients . . .

Here are some very kind words from clients . . . . much appreciated.

“Jean, your photo’s are absolutely beautiful! Everyone looks so good! We had fun watching you work, while we waited in line. You were the best part of the party!!” - Christy Wright - Seneca Capital Management, San Francisco

“Jean, we love your pictures. We had last year’s framed. It’s the best picture we’ve ever had taken of us! Do you do Weddings?” - Amy and Bill Mueller (Boston Red Sox / Former San Francisco Giant)

“Thank you so much Jean . . . you always seem to capture these amazing moments between people. It’s so wonderful that guests can walk away with such a beautiful memento from an event.” - Debbie Blackwell, Owner of PSR & Thyme Catering and Event Planning, San Jose

“Jean’s presence added another dimension to our Wedding Reception. Her sparkle and joyfulness were infectious and irresistible to our guests. She caught our friends and family in moments of delight, surprise, love and laughter. Our guests were delighted to take home such exquisite mementos of “our day”! - Charlene Margot,, Event Planner, Writer, Marketing Genius, Palo Alto, CA