I'm OBSESSED with the Monarch Caterpillars

Omg, I’m obsessed with the Monarch Caterpillars . . . I end up observing them all day, jotting down notes and taking photographs . . . today I dropped some Milkweed flowers into a cage and they went nuts and devoued them all. Also, I found the caterpillar that hatched from the EGG I saw being laid right on an actual Milkweed Flower Bud about 2 weeks ago.

As of today, I have about 12 eggs, 15 cats and one chrysalis ready to eclose in about 3 days. So far this year, I’ve release 9 butterflies and released about 15 least year, and I only started last year in August. :) I tend to get emotionally attached to the cats . . .and then curiosity takes over . . . Here’s 2 cats that hatched together on a Milkweed Plant that I had planted in a container. They are playful and follow each other around and have little spat fights. - MY FIRST MONARCH fine art photographic print is available in my ETSY SHOP here: MONARCH #7 More Art coming SOON!

5762 Monarch Cats 10-22 on MW iphone sentnancy.jpg