Sean Forbes, musician and co-founder of D-PAN -  Deaf Professional Arts Network
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  Elin Betanzo - Catch Elin in the new NOVA special "Poisoned Water"
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  Farrah Davidson is a fashion and lifestyle blogger, and a practicing dentist. Follow her at:
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  Gail - celebrating her 100th Birthday very soon!
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  Gary Gerson, author of "I'm Light" and an UBER Driver in Metro Detroit
  A Junior Baker that appeared on The Food Channel. He works part time at his moms shop:
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  Eric Gorges, a motorcycle builder from Metro Detroit, is the host of a show on PBS called "A Craftsman's Legacy."
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  Chef Dawn Bause is a Personal Chef,   Cooking instructor, Food Writer, Culinary Tour Coordinator, and co-author of the Italian cookbook   "Romance Begins in the Kitchen"
  Edd Benda, writer and director of the film "Superior". In 1969, two cousins set out on bikes to travel around Lake Superior
  Sandra Ali - Anchor / Reporter, Click On Detroit, TV
  Brad Galli, WXYZ-TV, Detroit
 Shawn Ley -  Anchor / Reporter, Click On Detroit, TV
  Joe McClure -  Founder of McClure's Pickles, Detroit
  Ann Marie LaFlamme, WXYZ-TV, Detroit
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  James Rigato, chef and owner of Mabel Gray and The Root Restaurant
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