Waterglass 750ss.jpg
1-MORGAN_for_SS_1 smaller.jpg
  The Black Sun
  The Film Strips
  Vintage Kodak
*487 Pencils Good No Words for SS 650.jpg
  The Notebook #1
  The Notebook #2
  The Whisk
Snow 7047 Snow snow 700 SsS.jpg
LANNEN J Illuminate 1 Match 600ss.jpg
9788R bottle 700 ss.jpg
9953 rosemary 700 ss.jpg
9883 tyhme 700 ss.jpg
9646R  Cala Lilly ODD 700 ss.jpg
  "One of a kind" photographic mixed media piece. One of my favorites.
  Original One of A Kind Mixed Media - Real Photographic Print adhered to Canvas with hand painted varnished surface.
  Original One Of A Kind Altered Photograph Adhered to Canvas
  Original One Of A Kind Mixed Media on Canvas
  Vintage Dorothy Figurine and Shadow. Part of my Doll series. 
  Iconic Vision
The Sunny Side Up - Fried Eggs
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